Monday, 29 August 2011

Fibro Fog - A Chip Off The Old Block.

My Mum being unable to recall the word she wants to use or the right name for something always makes us giggle, it's part of what makes Mum Mum. She used to get frustrated to begin with (when her ME was first diagnosed) but now she enjoys the joke too. Especially since I was diagnosed with FM and now she can get her revenge by recalling the words that I'm struggling to find. It's definately a case of what goes around comes around!

I find the more tired I am and the more I try to struggle with the word the harder it becomes. It's better to not get so heated about it and use an alternative; take a deep breath and relax and the words will come much easier.

I also use this technique when presenting at work. I will prepare my slides and then make a note of all the keywords that I shall need for each. Just knowing that I have the words at hand takes the pressure off and sometimes I don't need to refer to the notes at all. However, if I do refer to them it;s like a little kick start to urge me on.

The good thing is this symptom isn't painful; it doesn't hurt to forget a word or name or phrase; therefore, unlike some of the other more profound symptoms I can live with this one; in fact it can be quite amusing.

We often spend time when the family are throwing words at me to help me complete my sentence, and you guessed it my Mum will often hit the nail on the head. It's amost like we are on the same wave length - and actually we probably are! Although, God help us if we have a bad day at the same time!

Stay well.


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  1. This is the most frustrating thing for me EVER! I just did it 5 minutes ago at work too...LOL! My husband makes fun of me, tries to make a joke out of it but it's really seriously bothersome to me. When I just can't come up with the word I'll just say something nonsensical like "peanut butter" and hope that whoever I'm talking to can fill in the word I'm missing. It definitely gets worse the more tired I am or the more meds or more pain I'm in. I carry a note pad with me everywhere so I can write shit down so I won't forget, but it doesn't help when you forget what you were going to tell someone about something. I wish they'd find a way to help us with this.


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