Tuesday, 9 August 2011

If it's worth doing, do it yourself?

There were times when I didn't stop - whatever needed to be done got done by me! My principle was 'if a job was worth doing do it yourself!' I used to regularly work 12 hour days then come home, cook dinner, clear up, tidy the house, look after the two kids, help with homework, do some washing and then prepare my work for the following day without batting an eye. Not any more.

Luckily for me I remarried and my husband and kids do their share, the kids are all over 19 although still at home.

I very rarely do any housework now, I have to keep all my energy for my work.

It's not all plain sailing though, my husband does forget sometimes how much help I need, partly because I don't look ill and partly because he has alot on his own plate too.

However, as the main income I have to protect my job and make sure that the FM doesn't reduce my efforts at work.

We have our moments but generally speaking I'm very lucky and grateful to have the support of my family.

Having had a busy two days I'm now feeling slower and thinking is a more difficult process. The fibro fatigue is definately back and how!

Putting these words together is a struggle as you can probably tell. My head feals like it's full of cotton wool, but I know if I were to lay down (which I will soon) I won't be able to sleep.

I didn't sleep well last night, I was waking up every hour with a start - wide awake; it was a very fitfull sleep and not refreshing at all.

This means that my concentration level is very low and I'm a bit snappy because I don't have the energy to help people understand how I'm feeling. I know it's irrational because if I can't explain they can't understand, so it's my fault.

Anyway, the good thing is this, like all the other symptoms, will pass. I know that in a day or two (providing I'm sensible) I'll feel better.

Sensible, means not sitting at the pc late into the evening, going to bed early (even if I can't sleep, I can relax), eating healthily, taking my meds (which I missed last night) and not worrying about tomorrow or anything else for that matter.

I'm learning to meditate and body scan at the moment although I'm a bit impatient, which is never a good way to start meditating; but I'll persevere with it.

I'm also finding the writing of my blog very therapeutic, it's a release, and whilst I don't want to wallow in FM I do have a need to understand and share.

There are lots of little things which I've found that help me, like I wear two eye shades when I sleep, one is a gel which applies very light pressure to my eyes the other is to shut out the light which I find extremely disconcerting and painful when I'm in the midst of a migraine.

I also alternate between an ice pack and a hot water bottle for my neck and face pain. I get extreme pain in my jaw and face, sometimes if I can sleep the hot water bottle helps, if I can't sleep I'll use ice to relax the muscles of my neck.

It's these little things that I get most help from and would be interested in hearing any small techniques you might have come up with which make a big difference to your FM.

I think I've rambled enough for today, speak again soon.

Stay well.



  1. I enjoyed reading this post - your positivity really shines through! Amazing though, how much of your FM experience sounded so familiar (even though my dis-ease is ME)

  2. Hi Malcom, thanks for the comment. My Mum had ME and I understand exactly how she felt, the symptoms are very similar. The good news is that she is now alot healthier after about 7 years with ME, she paced herself and I think that's what really helped her. I hope you 'come out of it' too and wish you all the best. Stay well. Dee


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