Sunday, 21 August 2011

Top Tips & Some of My Handy Hints

These are some of the techniques I use to help me feel better. They won't work for everyone, some things you do will help me but some things won't, we're all different.

Have a comnfortable room which can be made very dark quickly, ready for the bad days.

Use a gel eye mask and / or a blackout eye mask.

Have a comfortable bed - I recently invested in a Tempur bed and it gives me the right amount of support and doesn't hurt my painful joints or tender points.

Have ice in the freezer.

Use a V pillow to get really comfortable and be properly supported.

Use wrist splints at night to prevent wrist pain in the day ( I also have carpol tunnel).

Take prescribed medication regularly but sparingly; we can become immune so have regular medication reviews.

Biofreeze spray can really relieve muscle and joint pain.

Keep a small fan handy to help relieve hot flushes.

Put your feet up but support your legs, be comfortable.

Use calming music to help you sleep (I have mine on an ipod).

Avoid foods which upset you or you are allergic to (I avoid wheat and meat).

Use meditation to relax, practicing every day will make it easier.

I keep all my handy gadgets (tablets, fan, eye masks etc) in a bag next to my bed so everything is there when I need it.

Get straight in the shower when you wake up, the warm water will loosen your muscles.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (don't wear heels that will hurt for the next 2 days, it's not worth it).

Have an easy to manage hair style, so you don't have to blow dry or straighten every day.

Have some me time every day - be selfish even if it's only for 15 minutes, indulge yourself, treat yourself, you're worth it!

When your bodys given up but your mind wont stop do a crossword, or something similar, to occupy your mind and let your body rest.

Pace, pace, pace and pace again. Use little boosts of energy followed by a little 10 minute rest.

Make sure you have a lunch break.

Eat healthily, but eat what you fancy. We crave sugar, so have a little treat now and again.

Be positive, this WILL pass.

What are your handy hints?

Stay well



  1. Loving these tips! Good advice for anyone dealing with chronic pain/illness. Great stuff!

  2. Some tips:

    Hot stone massage - though you'll be wiped out for at least 24 hours!

    The website In Fine Fettle has a section of products for people with fibromyalgia. (I'm not connected with them!)

    Jan Sadlers book Pain Relief Without Drugs. Jan also runs a website, Pain Support.

    Christine aka @TrufflesP

  3. Great list! I wrote my first Fibro post on my blog on this very topic. Check it out for some more tips!


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