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I have to manage my FM very carefully, I am a wife and mum of 3 kids, and I work full time. I have good days and bad. I love learning. This is my experience of Fibromyalgia, I'm not promoting any products, just sharing what helps me.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

ME / FM Awareness May 11th / 12th

It's important to maintain awareness and raise funds to help research for these invisible illnesses.

I've seen FB and Tweets saying that FM is still not recognised in certain 'developed' areas of the world. I've seen some of my Fibro friends suffering not only from the illness but also from prejudice and insulting attitudes and I've seen some of my Fibro friends struggling to cope with all the add on problems and symptoms that are associated with FM / ME.

It's not right, and it's not fair!

Excuse me while I rant a minute! Depression can often go hand in hand with ME / FM. However, in the UK there is little, almost no help, from the NHS / Government. I have experienced a friend who is suffering with extreme mental health issues but cannot get help because they aren't; under 18, physically disabled or homeless (yet). The only treatment available is through your GP. All state benefits have to be researched, hunted down and after pages and pages of forms you 'might' qualify. But how is someone who is suffering these debilitating mental health issues supposed to be in a fit state to make phone calls, attend appointments, understand forms, etc etc etc!

It's not right, and it's not fair!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest! Back to ME / FM.

I'm no longer able to help in many ways, so was really glad to find The Big Sleep for M.E. it's on the 12th of May the national awareness for ME and FM day, so I'm able to take part. Though my event Jamming in Jim Jams will be on Sunday the 11th of May.

Along with Rob, Amy and possibly our granddaughter, we're going to be Jamming in our Jim Jams!

We've never made jam before ( you didn't really think we were going to be singing did you lol), so we'll be posting pictures of our progress and of course selling the jam.

You can support us in 3 ways:

1. Go to www.justgiving.com/dawn-derraven and donate; every little helps.
2. Buy some jam, email me at fibromyalgia.dee@hotmail.co.uk.
3. Alternatively just like and share my blog; the more people who are aware, the more help and understanding there will be for sufferers.

Don't forget to keep an eye on my FB page on the 11th for picture progress updates.

Thanks to you all, keep smiling xxxxx

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Going Back In Time.......

Previously when I've returned to my home town I've felt uncomfortable, this time I didn't.

I left the town where I grew up around 9 years ago, and now live about 200 miles west. I've gone back several times to visit family and have always felt a bit uncomfortable. I think amongst other things I was concerned about bumping into people that I didn't want to see.

However, this time it was different. We stayed in a hotel in Southend, a place where I used to take the children during the school holidays, and it brought back happy memories.

I used to take the kids to watch the Southend air show every year, they were happy times. The three of us, and my parents.

I then went into Basildon town centre; that's where I used to get anxious about bumping in to people. But this time, I felt relaxed, probably because Rob was with me.

I went to what used to be Allders, now Debenhams. I used to bring the kids in to town to meet my Mum and have lunch in Allders. That period of my life was very happy. It seemed to be sunny all the time, I'd get on the bus with 2 kids and a pushchair and just mooch around town with my Mum, it was lovely.

I even found myself looking at the other young mums with pushchairs, wondering if I knew them. Of course, I soon realised that actually I was more likely to have known the Grandma than the young Mum, as I'm 47 and not 23 which is how I was remembering myself.

Where has the last few years gone? It seems like only yesterday when I was packing up the house in Corringham, preparing to start my new life, yet it also seems like a different life time ago.

My 'kids', who I still picture as babies in prams, are both now in their twenties, but when I think of them I imagine they are still totally dependant on me! Of course that's not the case, they are in fact both independent, mature, centred young people with their own jobs, plans and futures.

I'm glad I'm no longer anxious about meeting people that I'd rather avoid. If it happens I'll deal with it (as long as I have Rob with me of course). I didn't do anything wrong, or anything to be ashamed of. In fact the people I'm referring to should look at themselves and consider how they behaved. I wonder if their consciences are clear? Whether they are or not is now irrelevant to me, I couldn't care less; after all that was exactly how they treated me; they didn't care when I needed them!

Please don't think I'm angry, I'm not! I'm just rationalising my memories.

Be strong!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Many brains make bright ideas!

Thanks for reading my blog, I'm looking for your help. I'd like to take part in The Big Sleep for ME but I can't decide what I can do. (www.thebigsleepforme.com)

It has to be something that requires little energy, though I do have the support of Rob and Amy who are going to fundraise with me.

A whole day in my PJs is almost the norm for me, so I'd like to incorporate something else into our plans.

I'm not sure I can cope with lots of people around either, I think the noise will be too much.

I sound like a right old bore don't I? I'm sure others also feel like I do, that I'm old before my time! I read somewhere that FM adds around 20 years to your actual age, and I certainly feel a lot older than I actually am. Still that's a whole other story.

I'm thinking making and selling jam, but it doesn't feel very exciting. So I'd appreciate your ideas, what do you suggest I do to raise awareness and money for ME / FM?

All ideas welcome.......