Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hairy Moment

Before I begin todays blog, let me just tell those who have been following that my plans went awry this morning. There is a local support group which meets every second Saturday of the month and I went along to my first meeting this morning.

However, other than one other newbie, no-one else was there. It must have been moved or cancelled for some reason so I'm having to contact the organiser (I only have an email address) and find out when the next meeting is.

I am a little dissappointed as I was hoping to establish contact with other fibromites, hey ho! there'll be another chance next month hopefully.

Anyway, todays blog is about one symptom which has reared it's 'ugly head' (exscue the pun) just a couple of months ago. I noticed a small bald spot on my head when I was drying my hair.

I've seen comments about thinning hair being attributed to FM but only one other post about a small patch of hair loss.

It started about the size of a 10p coin and is now somewhat larger than a £2 coin.

All around the patch the hair is pure white, not grey, but very white.

My hairdresser says that it's quite common and so may not be atributed to FM, perhaps just a coincidence.

I'm lucky in that I have very thick hair, so I've had te length cut to just above my shoulder and my hairdresser has given me a regular peppermint treatment as stimulating the scalp with a massage can sometimes help hair regrowth.

My first reaction was shock and I musr admit that I was quite frightened that I might lose all my hair but I've since come to terms with it.

In fact out of all my symptoms it's probably the one that concerns me least. It's not adding to my physical symptoms; it doesn't hurt or ache. Even if the worse happens and I lose all my hair (which I don't think will happen considering the loss has been quite a slow process) I'll cope!

I don't mean to be flipant, I know for some people with true alopecia it can be extremely upsetting, depressing and life changing. It's just that where I'm at, with FM and a smallish bald patch, I haven't got the time or the energy to worry about it.

I'm going to lay down in front of the TV for a while now - look at me pacing myself!

I hope my fellow fibromites are all having a pain free day.

Stay well.



  1. Fibromyalgia can definitely cause hair loss. Then again, many people with fibro, perhaps as many as half or even more, are hypothyroid (even if their thyroid tests are supposedly "normal") which can also cause hair loss. Fibromyalgia can also be associated with other hormonal deficiencies that cause it.

    I've lost most of my hair (more than half) thanks to a combination of CFS/ME and various hormonal deficiencies. It has definitely impacted my self-esteem quite a bit (especially with the bunch of other visible and unsightly changes these illnesses have caused).

  2. Hi Maija, thanks for your comments. I've had a look at your website and it's really helpful. I've published a link on Twitter and will also list it under useful links on my blog. You're doing a great job! Thanks for the information. Dee


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