Sunday, 21 August 2011

To med or not to med!

I thought I was in for another bad day when I got up this morning, everything hurt again.

My neck, back, legs, eyes, head and toes were painful to touch. It wasn't a head ache, more of a dull throbbing and a headache warning. I also felt dizzy, and the room was moving arouond me, which was not at all nice.

I lasted until midday and then decided to take my tablets. I was prescribed Sumatriptan for the headaches some time ago. Although if you have FM you'll know that headache doesn't come close to describing the terrible pain in the head and neck that I frequently get.

The pain normally starts in my lower left neck, then spreads up and down, across my shoulders and over my scalp to my eye, cheek and jaw. I don't know what to do with myself sometimes, the pain is so bad.

When I've got the head pains full on, I can't speak or think without it hurting, the light is painful to my eyes and I just want to lie down in the dark and grip my scalp and eye until the pain subsides. I use a water bottle on my neck, a migraleve gel on my forehead, two eye masks, and a warm wheat bag across my shoulders.

However today, I noticed the warning and took one of the Sumatriptan before it got too bad and within an hour I not only felt better but I felt better than I had done for the last few days.

What a relief!

I've started using a Biofreeze spray on my muscle aches and pains and that seems to be helping too; not as quickly or as thoroughly as the Sumitriptan but more of a slow release on my aching joints and muscles.

I've heard today that another family member may well be on the way to a FM diagnosis, although it's still early days and his symptoms are similar to mine but only on one side of his body which is weird. I hope that it's not FM and that he has a full recovery, I hate to think of anyone else suffering with this horrible illness.

Fingers crossed for an all clear for him.

What other meds do I use?

Sumitriptan for the head pains (a god-send)
Amitriptyline (anti-depressant) to aid sleep
Multi vitamins
Black cohosh - for the hot flushes
Codeine - pain relief (though not very often)
Biofreeze - eases muscle and joint pain

Any more and I'll rattle.

Stay well.



  1. I was the same today. Back pain woke me this morning...nerve pain and muscle spasms. Had to eat bfast right away and take my meds. I've been having tummy troubles this weekend too, so I promptly got sick again too. Can't win either way sometimes. Finally got both sorta settled down and am taking it easy the rest of the day. Breaking out the peppermint and lavender essential oils...just the smells help settle down everything and make me feel better.

  2. Mmmmmm Peppermint and lavender sounds lovely, must add to shopping list. I wish you the best of health. Keep smiling and stay well. Dee


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