Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The more I tried the more difficult it became.

I've been trying to analyse some figures which even in my 'normal' days would be quite complex but I'm normally quite good with stats.

However, being exhausted and foggy meant that the more I tried the more difficult it became.

I should have walked away, but knowing I have an imminent deadline meant that I tried harder and ended up crying in frustration. I would have shouted but I didn't have the energy!

Not only could I not understand the stats but they looked all jumbled, they made no sense at all; just looking at the numbers hurt my head.

I ended up taking an hour break and managed in the end to do about half of what was needed.

I know it's no good doing any more because I physically ache all over now and my wrist and neck hurts and my eyes are puffy and blurred and I'm very irritated.

I can hear the family in the other room and they're getting on my nerves - bless them, they're not doing anything but they're still irritating me.

I'm not going to hope that I feel better tomorrow because that will put pressure on myself so I'll just see what happens tomorrow.

I'll be able to do them sooner or later.

For now, I'm going to take a big bag of chocolate to bed and relax in the peace and quiet of my own room.

Sorry kids, you know I love you!

Stay well


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