Saturday, 3 September 2011

Pacing? Who me?

I'm spending today in bed!

I've had a rotten week, from the car breaking down, to my boys being 'awkward', to trouble at work; add into the mix headaches, back pains, leg pains and oh so tired! All in all I'm glad to see the back of this week.

My stress levels have hit an all time high and that alone is enough to cause a crash today.

Ok, so I can either pull up the draw bridge, shut myself away and allow the anxiety of the week to boil and fester until I am able to get up again, or I can roll with it!

I choose the latter; So what if the car broke down; I got it mended!

Hubby can talk to the boys and eventually they will understand. Together we wrote a list of the things we want them to do (or not do) like not disturbing me when I'm in bed unless there's something that can't wait until later.

I'm good at my job and can cope with the 'issues' that have arisen this week and will still deliver more than is expected of me.

Ok, so I can't do it all at the same time which was the problem this week, but by Monday everything will be rosey again and it will be service as normal.

My husband has really helped me this week; he knows that to make me laugh when I'm in the process of crashing is the best medicine I could wish for. That's what I loved about him from the beginning, his ability to make me laugh, especially in times of trouble. In actual fact we're a perfect match as when he is suffering (he has health problems including depression) I can normally bring him around, and when I'm crashing he can always pick me up. What would I do without him!

Now I'm going to indulge myself for a while with a snack, an old film, my lovely bed and some peace and quiet.

Stay well.



  1. Glad to see you're in good form, i always say that even if you're in pain and have a good attitude it's half the battle. I'm also reaping the benefits of weight loss and exercise, i never realised how much loosing a few pounds could make such a difference to my pain levels,i feel great and im not taking half the meds as i dont need them, it may not work for everyone but hey it's all trial and error!Keep the spirits up and remember the trivial things are just that,trivial, if the dishes are not washed or the hoovering isnt done, it isnt life threatening! Mucho good vibes Anita xxx

  2. I admire you, where do you find the time to be so busy and still manage a family and the dreaded FM?

    I had even forgotten I'd started this blog, thanks for reminding me.... lol

    all the best Fogbrainz


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