Saturday, 10 September 2011

Calm before the storm?

It's been nearly a week since my last entry because I have been away on business and have been trying to pace myself rather than spend my evenings on the net.

However, this week, I have driven around 1000 miles, dealt with the after effects of my car being broken into and theft of some personal belongings and my son having a car accident. I still managed to represent my company at a two day event and pitched for an additional contract valued at £25k (outcome to be decided), you could say it's been quite full on.

It's Saturday today and although I did sleep until 11.30am (I find I sleep better during the day than I do at night)  but I feel.....ok!

I'm not hurting or aching, I don't have a head ache and I feel quite alert (at least for me). Have I turned a corner?

I'm beginning to wonder if the events of this week haven't actually caught up with me yet? Is it too much to hope that there won't be any after effects? Would that be unrealistic?

I have meditated quite alot this week and I have taken three doses of migraine medication on 3 seperate days which helped to avoid a full on migraine attack, so perhaps I could claim to have paced well?

The jury's out at the moment; it's too soon to tell. Perhaps I've just been lucky, or perhaps I've practiced what I've been learning all these months: pacing, accepting, floating, meditating.

As Doris said que sera sera, what will be, will be!

I guess time will tell.

Stay well.


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