Sunday, 5 May 2013

A good week!

Hi everyone,

Sleep: 2
Pain: 2
Migraine: 1
Fibrofog: 3
IBS: 2
Tiredness: 2

(1 = minimal, 5 = chronic)

As you can see, for Mum this is a really good week.  This is especially because Mum has had a lot of work and travelling on this week, along with some high pressured meetings to attend.  A lot of this has involved being away over night (3 nights out of 5) so having a good week despite all of this is even more of a bonus.

Mum is now on her third week of some new tablets from the doctor, and is hoping that this good week could be the product of that.  Although its hard to tell because obviously there are good weeks and bad weeks.

The new tablets are Sertralene 50mg - these are anti-depressants which were prescribed because Mum has a problem with clenching her jaw at night which is causing her headaches.  The doctor suggested these tablets but in such a low dose that they are commonly used to help disturbed sleep.

Another thing that has contributed to feeling quite good this week is that my Dad has been taking the pressure off of Mum a lot.  He hasn't gone overboard but has done a lot of little things that are making a big difference - doing the laundry, cooking dinner a few nights of the week and being generally thoughtful and caring.  This has made a really big difference and been really nice - supportive friends and family can improve things a great deal; sometimes without even realizing!

We hope some of you have had a good week too?

Here's hoping that the bank holiday is sunny as forecast - hoping everyone has a lovely day off.

Best wishes,

Dee and Amy

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