Sunday, 14 April 2013

Living or Coping?

Hi All,

To start, as usual:

Sleep: 5
Pain: 3
Migraine: 1
Fibrofog: 3
IBS: 2
Tiredness: 5

Dee writing this week.

I've had a very busy work week and so have been away from home most of the week.  Spending so much time with my colleagues meant that I had the opportunity to explain about my Fibro.

On my return home I felt the need to do some more research to see how other people cope and if there is any more than I can do, or things I'm not doing that I should be.  I came across a Facebook page which asked the question "Are you Living or Just Coping?"  Having given this a lot of thought I've decided that I go from one to the other.  When I have a flair up I revert to coping, and as it passes I start to move back into the land of the living.

One thing I really have to thank my husband for is that he will never let me just settle.  When I'm feeling just "ok" it can be very tempting to accept that, but he will always push me to want more than that for myself.  He doesn't drag me into this, but is really encouraging.  Although half the time he doesn't know he's doing it! 

The Facebook page I found encourages us to look at the resources we have, in order to see the resources we need.  These resources we have are those that we fall back on when we are just coping.  For me they are my supportive family, my strength of character, my understanding doctor, and a job that I love.  The resources that I need are less clear to me, which is why I'm researching more this week.  However so far I have identified exercise that I can commit to and is achievable, finding a support group and increasing my meditation.  Although I am realistic that there are other things which I haven't thought of yet.

I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who has set goals of their own, and how they might have achieved them?  I'd also really welcome advice on how to set about achieving my own objectives!

Have a good week,

Dee and Amy


  1. Very interesting Dee, it's always good to see how other Fibromites/Spoonies etc. cope on a day to day basis. I like the way you have a scale for the different symptoms you suffer from, I'd not thought of that :)
    My blog is partly to raise awareness of Fibro but also acts as my own therapy ~ through my crafting ~ which raises a little bit for research into the condition... after reading your blog I'm thinking I need to find a better balance between blogging about the crafting & the Fibro... at the moment the Fibro has taken a back seat, so I shall address that asap.
    I'm following you now (by email) otherwise I forget who I'm following... what with the dratted fog an all LOL... looking forward to reading more <3

  2. added your blog to mine, for others to see :)


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  4. Hi Kirstin,

    Thank you for your comment.

    We really like your approach to dealing with FM partly through crafts - it's a really nice way to raise some money and also do something creative.

    All best wishes,

    Amy and Dee

  5. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for your kind comment; it's nice to know you are taking a little something from reading the blog.

    We are always interested to hear tips from others, so feel free to share!

    Best wishes,

    Dee and Amy


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