Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hi All,

Sleep: 5
Pain: 4
Migraine: 2
Fibrofog: 4
IBS: 1
Tiredness: 4

(1 = minimal, 5 = chronic)

This week Mum is very frustrated because as the nice weather makes an appearance she really likes to potter in the garden and spend time outside but as you will see from this week's rankings she is struggling a bit and too tired to make the most of it.

This is a shame, although mitigated slightly by having her wheelchair.  This means that providing she has plenty of support she feels able to go to the zoo with my Dad, their two year old granddaughter and me tomorrow.  However, the chair can only go so far and it is still really hard work for Mum.

Does anyone else feel frustrated about not being able to make the most of the lovely weather?

Mum also watched a really interesting program on BBC Week in Week Out this week called "Wales in Pain" which was primarily about people addicted to pain killers but also details a lady who suffered from FM - she went from being bedridden to preparing to hike up Snowdon Mountain as a result of staying at a chronic pain clinic called "Pain and Fatigue Management Centre" located on the Bronllys Hospital site.   NHS doctors resist sending people to this clinic because of the cost.  It was a very captivating program.

This is on the BBC I-Player for anyone interested.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Best Wishes,

Dee and Amy 

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