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Sunday, 27 April 2014

It's Getting Closer, Are You Ready?

It's getting quite exciting, May 12th Awareness Day is fast approaching.

Our preparations are well underway.

I've ordered jam jars and a purple light. I've bought purple t-shirts and a purple onesie for my granddaughter.

I just need jar labels, which my lovely hubby is going to be designing for me this week.

Oh and talking of Rob, I also need an extra large purple t-shirt for him to wear yet.

It's great to see so many people and organisations coming together to raise awareness in various ways. There's so much choice, that just when I think I've got my plan, someone else comes up with an idea that I want to join as well.

Someone told me they are making purple ribbons for their family and friends to wear. That's a great idea, and so easy to do. But will that overload me?

I'm already spending Sunday the 11th in Pyjamas making jam with the family! We'll all be wearing purple on Monday the 12th and I've registered for the Blog Bomb and the Twitter Thunder Clap! Plus I'm lighting up the house with purple light too.

It looks like my Awareness Day's going to go on all week!

It'll be well worth it though; the more people are aware of these horrible, invisible illnesses, the more understanding and support us sufferers will receive.

So, my plans are made, what's yours? What are you doing for May 12th? Every little helps, so even if it's only wearing purple, and spreading the word, go for it! I'd love to hear what you're all doing, perhaps leave me a comment?

Are you ready?

Be strong.

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