Monday, 21 April 2014

Count Down to May 12th.

It's fabulous to see so much activity and so many people helping to raise awareness of FM amongst other invisible illnesses.

In fact there's been so many different events and fundraising ideas that I thought it might help if I prepared the following summary.

So, these are the the invisible illnesses that we are all trying to raise awareness of:

FM - Fibromyalgia
ME - Myalgic encephalomyelitis
CFS - Chronic fatigue syndrome
MCS - Multiple chemical sensitivity
Lyme - Lyme disease

These are the events taking place which you can support:

  • Jamming in Jim Jams - this is my own event, I will be making jam in my pjs, with my husband, daughter and granddaughter on May 11th. you can sponsor us at I'm donating money raised to The Big Sleep for ME.

  • The Big Sleep for ME - event being run by Invest In ME on May 12th. Arrange your own sleep inspired event or sponsor one that's already planned. More details at

  • Light Up The Night for Awareness - event being co-ordinated by Light up your homes and / or local landmarks in the colour of your choice; blue, green or purple.

  • Wear Purple and Spread the Word - event being arranged by Trish Gray, tell at least one person that you have or know someone with FM / CFS / ME and encourage them to do the same, wearing purple ( FM) and / or blue (CFS / ME) to demonstrate support on May 12th. More details at

  • Blue Sunday 11th May - event being run by Life in the slow lane with M.E. This is an online tea party, more details at

  • Princess and M.E. - this is also an event being co-ordinated by Life in the slow lane with M.E. Anna and some of her friends are spending the 12th of May in bed dressed as princesses. More details at

  • May 12th Blog Bomb - being co-ordinated by Sally in encouraging all bloggers to write about ME / FM / CFS and publish on the 12th of May to help raise awareness.

If you or someone you know has any other events arranged and would like them included in this summary, please email me the details on

This information has been collated to the best of my knowledge, I apologise for any errors but hope that this information helps in our aim to raise awareness.

Be strong!


  1. Great post! Thanks for linking to my Blob Bomb post.

    Just thinking about my it, I really need to include MCS and Lyme too. Thanks for the reminder. :D

  2. I love the idea of a 'blog bomb'! I am so in! Thanks for the idea and thanks for letting me know about all the other events too! :)


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