Thursday, 17 January 2013

Weather and FM

I can remember my grandparents complaining that the weather exacerbated their ailments and can also remember dismissing the comments as moans and groans.

However, I posthumously apologize to them, now that I've reached the age where I completely understand what they meant and can truly 'feel' their pain. 

Not only do I 'feel the cold' more than I've ever done but my bones actually ache.

I suffer with myofascial pain in my jaw which triggers at any time but particularly when its really cold.

I also find the muscle pains throughout my body heighten when its cold.

So my shopping list for the weekend includes a snood and I'm wrapping up warm and snug as a bug!

Now all I need to do is stop the hot flushes! Life's so complicated :-) 

Stay well.


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