Sunday, 15 January 2012

Just when I thought I was getting somewhere.......

It was going too well! I really thought my loved ones understood! I've tried to walk a fine line without bleating on about myself all the time but also explaining to those around me what was happening and why I can't do what I used to do. Until yesterday! I spent most of it in bed, trying to meditate and then sleep. Sleep is so precious to me, it's so difficult to get and then all of a sudden there were doors banging, the boys were talking and laughing and I'm awake again. The problem was I went straight to them and explained where they had gone wrong and yes, I'll admit I was curt, and if I'm honest too forthright. I should have waited until I was properly awake and calm. However, the reaction I got goes to show that they don't really understand at all. It's made me realise what I need to do. Firstly, hubby needs to take control of the house, keep things moving, stay organised because I don't have the strength to do this along with my job. I can't give up my job so I need more help in other areas. Secondly, I need to relax more, learn to meditate better and reduce my stress levels. Not everything is as important as I think it is, I need to let go of the less important things and save my energy. But, those around me do need to take responsibility for themselves rather than relying on me all the time. They are all grown up after all. Ok, end of rant. Sorry this isn't my normal positive outlook, this weekend has been very trying but I'm not out just a little down. Tomorrows another day and I'm sure it'll be far better and more productive. Onwards and upwards! Stay well. Dee


  1. I totally understand this. I look around the house and I make lists of what to start on first, then get only partially done and feel depleted, wasted, and a failure. Then 14 yr old gets home and I ask him to do dishes...never happens. Then hubby is content to leave it this way and ugghhhh, it is a circle. No one wants to see what I DO do and do nothing to fix what I didn't. ~ melanie

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