Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ambition or Acceptance?

My husbands ambitious; he's never satisfied with his 'lot'. He's always finding imaginitive ways to push himself further. Sometimes he's successful and sometimes he's not, but he never gives up.

He runs his own business and he does have times when he feels like he's not getting anywhere but before long he finds another bout of energy and another idea to push ahead with.

I used to be the same; I wanted a high powered job, I wanted to be successful and in control but thanks to FM am having to learn another way of life. Acceptance!

It's somewhere between fighting and giving in. I can't fight it because that uses up valuable energy and doesn't get me anywhere. On the other hand I can't give in to it either. I'm not the sort of person to lay down and give up and I never will be.

However, I'm learning my limitations. On a good day I know I can work and drive and chair important business meetings, on a bad day I know I have to allow the FM to run it's course and maybe stay in bed.

That's not giving in, it's just letting go for a short time. I know it will pass when I'm having a bad day, so I have to accept that today's not going to be a good one and accept that I might have pain but I know that it will go away.

Sometimes I need my husband to remind me but most of the time I know that eventually the bad day will pass and I'll feel better again.

Bring on tomorrow!

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